Have you ever wanted to learn some Martial Arts, maybe Yoga or simply need to get in great physical and functional shape? Shuffle through a variety of short fitness videos with professional help using Fit Shuffle.
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Build your workout

1 - Select Training Level

Pick And Choose (PAC) the subjects you want to use

2 - Select Level and Time

Select your training level “Basic – Intermediate – Advanced.” Select Training Time, a quick intense 7 minute workout up to a 60 minutes of calorie burning!

3 - Select a Shuffle Mode

Select Manual Reps for lower reps and muscle mass building or Automatic Timer for fast pace leaner training.

Begin Your Workout

Quick and easy to build a personalized working out!

Have you ever wanted to switch up your workout? Instead of doing the same exercises in the same order day after day, you could select specific exercises and then have them presented to you in a random order — similar to the way you listen to music on shuffle mode. You could try some martial arts, followed by some ab routines, and maybe mix in some yoga—it would be like a new workout every day!

Built on the success of not just one but many!

With Fit Shuffle you’re provided an ever changing workout guide of many different fitness coaches that specialize in their specific field of fitness training. Our unique approach to fitness takes out all the guess work and boring routines and give you the option to pick your favorite types of exercise. Anything from Martial Arts and Yoga to Weight Training and Plyometrics, and combines them into a fun and functional routine for you to enjoy!

Welcome to FIT SHUFFLE — The fitness program that allows you to build and customize your workout on a daily basis and then presents your choices to you in a random order, keeping your workout exciting and energizing!

Created by Ash Parr, a 5th degree Black Belt, three time National Champion, Silver and Bronze Medalists in the World Championships for the International Taekwon-Do Federation. FIT SHUFFLE is all about choice, challenge, and convenience—you choose your routines (FIT PACS), decide on your fitness-level challenge, and then enjoy your workout in a completely random order, anywhere, anytime. You never get bored because you never know what’s coming next. Your mind and muscles are consistently challenged because the workout is always changing.

Getting started with FIT SHUFFLE is easy…You simply shuffle through a variety of short fitness videos, performed by certified professional trainers, and then choose your level, time and training mode. Tailor your fitness program to what you like by turning on and off different routines (FIT PACs – Pick And Choose). Shuffle one routine or shuffle them all!