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A Place for you to start

The Key difference between us and them is our variety of workout subjects. Fit Shuffle is built on the Fitness IQ of many trainers with easy to use genuine workout content.

Keep the routine

We provide a door way to experience something new in your fitness training. Maybe your confidence to try something new is not quit there yet. Yoga, Martial Arts or just more challenging exercise movements. You can access training from world champion martial artists and certified fitness trainers, all in one place. Gain the confidence by access Fit Shuffle daily and keep the routine of practice and drilling your body to success!

Hotel Workout

Are you always on the go? You need the Hotel Room workout PAC! No equipment needed. You can build muscle and lose weight all in the privacy of your hotel room. Just by using the hotel room bed, tables, floor and chairs you can get a great workout!

Yoga Pose

Yoga Pose is great for your joints, it also strengthens your structure, opens the body, and improves your flexibility in addition to stimulating your mind body connection. Yoga Pose postures are designed to purify the body and provide the physical strength and stamina required for long periods of meditation.

Interval Grind

High intensity training that takes 20 minutes or less. Get your heart pumping and fire up your metabolism for continuous fat burning. Increases your fitness and burn more calories over a short period of time with a HIIT style routine like Interval Grind.

Ideal Abs

Train with a National Physique Competitor on his core fundamental ab training techniques. Start with basic workouts and move to intermediate and advanced levels to earn the ideal abs!

X Boot Camp

Kick your butt in shape and get a jump start on you fitness with the X Boot Camp training. This intense full-body cardiovascular and strength workout is great for weight loss and very effective at reducing excess body weight, improving cardiovascular endurance, increasing lean muscle mass and improving overall coordination and balance.


Yogalates is a blend of yoga and Pilates, an exercise method combining the strength of Pilates and the flexibility of yoga. The workout integrates yoga and Pilates training using a mind-body connection for improved physical, emotional and spiritual levels. With improved breathing, circulation and energy.

Booty Blast

Train with a National Physique Competitor and Personal Trainer in her Booty Blast workout. Sculpting your backside is about way more than performing dedicated butt workouts. It’s about hitting your booty during every workout. That’s because your glutes (comprised of your gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus) are the largest muscle group in your body.

Sandbag Workout

The Sandbag workout App PAC is the foundation of Special Forces training. Sandbag workouts requires strength, endurance, and character. Do you want to build brute strength and intense muscle endurance?