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Booty Blast Workout

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PAC Description

Train with a National Physique Competitor and Personal Trainer in her Booty Blast workout. Sculpting your backside is about way more than performing dedicated butt workouts. It’s about hitting your booty during every workout. That’s because your glutes (comprised of your gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus) are the largest muscle group in your body. So even before you get around to training them, they tend to be pretty strong. As a result, it takes some serious work to really strengthen and shape them the way you want to. Integrating glute work into your favorite exercises is the perfect way to do just that with Fit Shuffle. Download Fit Shuffle’s App and get access to the Booty Blast PAC today.

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Trainer Details

Name: Rene Capps
Competitor: National Physique
Skills: Fitness, Body Building

Power your body and protect your joints

The glutes are known as your body’s engine, not only because they’re the largest muscle group in the body, but also because they’re involved in most athletic functions. The glutes produce four distinct actions: extending the hips, swinging the leg outward, rotating the leg laterally, and tilting the pelvis backward. Strong glutes increase your force and power during everything from sprinting, jumping, and squatting to climbing, swinging, and cutting from side to side.

Another surprising benifit to a stronger butt can mean healthier knees and protects joints, as well as a pain-free lower back and hips. The glutes pull your femur [thighbone] rearward during hip extension, which keeps the bone centered in the middle of the hip socket rather than sliding forward and causing hip pain. Strong glutes ensure that the femurs track properly over the toes when squatting, jumping, and landing. In other words, it prevents your knees from caving in toward each other, which is a major player in knee pain and injury.

Equipment Needed for Booty Blast

If you need to make your workout harder, try adding weight to any bodyweight movement, or add a stability ball to challenge and activate the glute muscles. Add anything from dumbbells, leg weights or even a medicine ball. Below are some equipment items to purchase with your Booty Blast workout and make it even tougher!

Dumbbell Weights

Stability Ball

Medicine Ball