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Interval Grind Workout

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PAC Description

High intensity training that takes 20 minutes or less. Get your heart pumping and fire up your metabolism for continuous fat burning. Increases your fitness and burn more calories over a short period of time with a HIIT style routine like Interval Grind. Download Fit Shuffle’s App and get access to the Interval Grind PAC today.

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Trainer Details

Name: Fairlane Vicente
Certification: Professional Trainer
Skills: HIIT Training, Functional Fitness

What is High intensity interval training

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a workout characterized by periods of hard work followed by brief periods of recovery or rest. This form of exercise is a highly efficient means of improving your fitness level and burning body fat.

This type of training that involves a series of low- to high-intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods. The high-intensity periods are typically at or close to anaerobic exercise, while the recovery periods involve activity of lower intensity.

You can also do a HIIT workout utilizing weights!

Interval Grind

No Equipment Needed for this Training PAC

If you need to make your workout harder, try adding weight to any bodyweight movement, or add more weight during the first round of a circuit. Add anything from dumbbells, leg weights or even kettlebells. Purchase some weights today and make your workout even tougher today!