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Build Your Workout

Netflix-Style Workout App

Customize your routine and shuffle through a variety of fitness videos presented by training professionals, or access the caliber of world champions On-Demand and get in the best shape of your life.


Fit Shuffle provides you a distinct workout guide crafted by several fitness experts, who specialize in diverse fitness training techniques.

Our unique approach to fitness takes away the guess work and monotony out of fitness routines. Fit Shuffle gives you the option to choose from a vast variety of exercises: martial arts, Yoga, Weight training, and Plyometrics.

Combine exercises from any of these genres and design a fun and functional routine. Design your Fit-routine with Fit Shuffle.

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Download for 2 weeks FREE and only $14.99 a month. Access premium subjects and On-Demand Videos. Available on your Phone and Tablet.

Fitness Archive

Fit Shuffle hosts one of the largest archives of fitness videos. You can access from over 500+ exercise videos presented by fitness experts. Fit shuffle gives you the option to choose exercises that you like most or try something new before you join any fitness classes. Explore Fit Shuffle’s exercise archive to challenge yourself and scale up your routine at home. Fit Shuffle’s body of knowledge inspires you to drill, train and practice for a variety of sports or cross train for any athletic competition.

The Power To Move

Have the power to workout anytime, anywhere. Select the subjects that appeal to you and your fitness level.

Join THE millions of people achieving their fitness goals


1 - Select Subjects

Pick And Choose (PAC) subjects that you like.

2 - Level and Time

Select training level & time, intense 7 minutes up to a 60 minute calorie burning!

3 - Reps or timer

Manual Reps for low rep muscle mass building or Auto Timer fast lean workout.

Begin Workout

Begin your personalized workout with or without equipment!

Built on the success of not just one but many!

Our goal is to help people live happier and healthier lives

Fit Shuffle® is an app that brings together the training of various Fitness Masters across the world. Fit Shuffle ® offers more than a customized work out. You have the freedom to choose your workouts according to your current fitness level, body type and fitness interests. Perhaps, you have been doing cardio training and would like to focus now on building your strength, or you would like to start with improving your flexibility. You can choose the fitness PACs that suit your needs and build a custom workout.

The workout packages designed at Fit Shuffle® include a range of routines from beginner level for fitness novices to advanced, cross training routines for athletes to improve aerobic performance, agility and strength.

Fit Shuffle® is designed to encourage you to build a consistent routine and improve fitness habits. Fit shuffle® is more than an app. It is your fitness partner.