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What is Fitness?

What is Fitness  “No Part of us can be completely healthy unless every part of us is.” - Making Life Easy (P.xi), Christiane Northrup, M.D. Whether it is in my studio, Dallyon, or through my app Fit Shuffle I encourage people to look at fitness in a holistic...

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Fitness Needs Inventiva Magazine

Fit Shuffle – a dynamic app to meet your fitness needs and create your custom workout list. Inventiva Magazine Article We are changing the world with technology and technology is changing us, changing our bodies in profound ways. We have become more sedentary, though...

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Fitness Platform Inventiva Magazine

Fit Shuffle® gave me a platform to share my ideas about fitness and how the journey to being fit is a trans-formative experience I was born and brought up entirely in Reno, Nevada – the frontier land that launched a million aspirations and dreams. My training in...

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