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Fit Shuffle Nominated ‘The Start Up Of The Month’ By EDAWN

I was born and brought up in Reno, Nevada – the frontier land that launched a million aspirations and dreams. My training in martial arts and fitness inspired me to design a fitness app – Fit Shuffle.

Fit Shuffle aims to help people break out of self-created barriers of a busy schedule, lack of space to exercise, or even diffidence, and low esteem about one’s body image. I designed the exercises in Fit Shuffle to help people build courage and foray into the world of fitness on their own.

Fit Shuffle is my attempt to provide a platform for local talent and trainers to show case their strengths and contribute to a global audience. Ideas such as fitness and well-being have universal valence. These are goals that transcend the limits of language and boundaries. At Fit Shuffle we have a team of martial artists, Taekwon-Do world champions and certified trainers who specialize in fitness coaching, Eastern martial arts such as Taekwon-Do and well-being practices such as Yoga. At Fit Shuffle we combine the best of the West and the East.

Designing this fitness app has been possible, thanks to a slew of talent in Nevada who specialize in graphic design, video making, and product research. At Fit Shuffle we are proud to be part of an ecosystem of people whose talents and inputs bolster both the product and the local economy.

Fit Shuffle targets to make it easy for trainers and national champions in martial arts to put up a well-crafted fitness regimen. Our app hosts a large archive of fitness videos performed by instructors specializing in various core areas. Unlike many other fitness apps available in the market we retain the human element, eschewing simulations and graphics and break down the complexity of exercises.

Our team at Fit Shuffle has been in the Fitness industry for over thirty years. We recognize that the journey to fitness involves shifting certain mental habits and barriers. At Fit Shuffle we aim to motivate you and work out alongside you.

About Ash Parr

Ash Parr is a 5th degree Black belt, four-time National champion in Taekwon-Do. He won Silver and Bronze medals in the ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships in 2016 and two gold medals in the Taekwon-Do National Championship in 2018.

Ash Parr aspires to contribute and share his knowledge of fitness and wellbeing through Fit Shuffle (a fitness app available on Android and iOS).

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