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Fit Shuffle® gave me a platform to share my ideas about fitness and how the journey to being fit is a trans-formative experience

I was born and brought up entirely in Reno, Nevada – the frontier land that launched a million aspirations and dreams. My training in Taekwon-Do made me think about the fragility of the vessel that hosts our spirit – the body. Our body is the medium through which we realize our dreams and aspirations. I want to change the popular perception of fitness from something that is hard work and exerting to something that is fun and a natural way of being. Fitness is a way of being, we don’t do fitness!

As a kid I was fascinated by martial arts movies. I found the way their bodies moved, the way they would anticipate an attack very interesting. The movements were fluid grace but delivered with scientific precision. I was lucky to be noticed and encouraged by a Taekwon-Do artist in town. Taekwon-Do taught me discipline and respect for myself and for people around me, kindness, and sharing and empathy. I owe much of what I know about fitness and health to this martial art.

I would start off with a simple question, how long can one survive without water? May be a few days. How long can one survive without food? May be a few months. How long can one survive without exercise? May be a few years, until entropy kicks in. I have students who train from an early age and few mature students who take up fitness at a much later time in life. Whatever the age group, through my interactions with my students over the past thirty years, I realized the obstacles to a fit being lie in the mind.

Fit Shuffle is my interpretation of exercise and martial arts to guide you to become fit-beings! I hope that Fit Shuffle will help people break out of their self-created barriers in their journey to fitness, such as a busy schedule, lack of space to exercise, or even diffidence, and low esteem about one’s body image. I designed the exercises in Fit Shuffle to help people build courage and foray into the world of fitness on their own. The app has many PACs (Pick And Choose exercises) performed by instructors specializing in various core areas. Every one of them is ordinary and have a human story to share. They are fit because of the consistent hard-work they invested to train their bodies. If we can be fit, you can be too!

At Fit Shuffle we aim to motivate you. We work out along side you. We share our stories, we aim to build social connections with you through our app.


About Ash Parr

Ash Parr is a 5th degree Black belt, four-time National champion in Taekwon-Do. He won Silver and Bronze medals in the ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships in 2016 and two gold medals in the Taekwon-Do National Championship in 2018.

Ash Parr aspires to contribute and share his knowledge of fitness and wellbeing through Fit Shuffle (a fitness app available on Android and iOS)