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At Fit Shuffle, we workout alongside you.

Our variety of workout subjects with Fit Shuffle is built on the Fitness IQ of many trainers who have designed genuine workout content.

Try new exercises. Build your confidence. Access training from world champions in martial arts and certified fitness trainers. Workout alongside them. Each day. Every day.

Make a new habit and keep up the routine of practice. Drill your body. Drill your mind.

Your strength, your enhanced performance is the feedback for your workouts. Tweak, hone, fine-tune, adjust, refine your workouts to suit your need.

Fit Shuffle is your ideal fitness partner. It offers you a variety of workouts.

Fit Shuffle empowers you to make small changes every day and pushes you towards consistency.

Hotel Workout

This PAC is designed for the busy-bee person who epitomizes the belief: being busy makes you rich but being rich makes you busier still! Build muscle, lose weight, rejuvenate yourself in the privacy of your room! Enrich yourself with this no-equipment workout.

Yoga Pose

Tune in to the ancient wisdom of the Gurus through our Yoga Pose PAC designed for the Yogi in you. Yoga Pose is a scientific workout guide to improve your flexibility and breathing pattern. Build strength and stamina. Be with yourself and enhance your mind-body connection.

Interval Grind

This PAC is designed for the Fitness enthusiast in you. Time is finite. We believe that your enthusiasm to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle is infinite! At Fit Shuffle we have designed a time-efficient, high intensity interval training regimen for you. We support you on your journey to Fitness anytime!

Ideal Abs

AT Fit Shuffle, you learn from the best! Train alongside a National Physique Competitor and share his fundamental Ab training techniques for a chiseled core. Begin with basic workouts, challenge yourself and move to intermediate and advanced levels.

X Boot Camp

Take your fitness to the next level with this PAC, designed to train the military recruit hiding in your civilian heart. The exercises in this PAC are high-impact, aerobic activities that build your strength and endurance. Train yourself to get into top shape with this intense workout.


Our trainers at Fit Shuffle bring together the best of the old and the new in this PAC, just for you! These exercises integrate Yoga and Pilates, are fun and functional. Perfect your body, experience its strength and flexibility. Enhance your well being with Yogalates.

Booty Blast

This PAC has special exercises for your lower body. Dream beyond aesthetics, beyond a sculpted backside. Pitch the perfect ball, swing the perfect shot at golf, all because you have strong glutes! Train with a National Physique Competitor and Personal Trainer in her Booty Blast workout.

Sandbag Workout

Have you have mastered body weight exercises in perfect form? Are you ready to transition to the next level of training? Our trainers at Fit Shuffle have designed a PAC that challenges your strength and endurance. Hone your core and stabilization muscles, strike the balance between strength and stability!