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X Boot Camp Workout

Free Training PAC

PAC Description

Boot camp trainings are known as the ultimate workouts because of the intense, fast paced exercises that aid in burning fat and building strength.

Access the X Boot camp PAC at Fit Shuffle and workout alongside experienced trainers who have designed an
intense one-hour regimen to challenge your strength and build your aerobic capacity.

The exercises include (but are not limited to) jumping jacks, windmills, butt kicks, overhead squats to march, high knees, reverse lunges, bear crawl, spider steps, etc. Challenge yourself to reach the next level of fitness with X Boot Camp!

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Trainer Details

Name: Thomas Wetzstein
Certification: Professional Trainer
Skills: Weight Lifting, Functional Fitness, Rucking

The Benefits of Boot Camp workout training

Boot Camp weight loss programs provide dynamic and efficient workouts. They use a wide range of exercise types that develop both muscular and cardiovascular fitness.

The atmosphere and variety of exercises in a Boot camp motivate participants to combat boredom and challenge themselves to aspire for the next level of fitness.

Boot camp propels individuals to become more mentally, physically and energetically involved in the workouts and increases their probability of continuing with their workouts over the long run.

X Boot Camp

Equipment Needed for this Training PAC

Basic dumbbell weights need for a small amount of exercises in this PAC. Purchase some light weight dumbbells now or you can turn off the equipment videos right before you start your workout within the Fit Shuffle App.