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Ideal Abs Workout

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PAC Description

Core training and abdominal training are used as interchangeable terms. However, they target different areas of the body.

Core consists of the muscles between the knees and shoulders. Core training exercises aid in improving stability, force production and force transfer. A good core improves your golf game or even aids in pitching a perfect ball!

Abdominal training targets three muscles – rectus abdominis, external and internal obliques. The external and internal oblique muscles help in flexing the trunk and rotating from side to side. The much favored “sixpack” muscles are the Rectus abdominis muscles.

We share techniques practiced by a reputed National Physique Competitor to strengthen the core and train to reach a goal beyond aesthetics.

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Trainer Details

Name: Adil Harchaoui
Competitor: National Physique
Skills: Fitness, Body Building

You're doing the wrong fitness workout


Perhaps, you are doing the wrong fitness workout.

A daily run or Spin class is great for your heart, but cardio workouts alone won’t do much for your waist.

Strength training increases muscle mass and stimulates your body to burn more fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat. As you build muscle you naturally burn more calories throughout the day.

Vary your exercises to target your abdominal wall. Try our Ideal Abs PAC for Planks, suitcase deadlifts, dead bugs and other effective ab moves for a more chiseled you!

Do I need equipment to workout my Abs?

The ever-changing fitness fads and trends tout some or the other new exercise equipment as the magic you would need in your journey to fitness.

The fact remains that a workout machine alone will not get you a flat stomach.

These are the few, essential tools to increase the intensity of your workouts in your Ideal Abs workout PAC.

Dumbbell Weights

Stability Ball