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Interval Grind Workout

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PAC Description

An effective HIIT regimen factors in 4 elements: duration, frequency, and intensity of the workout intervals, and the length of recovery intervals.

Our trainers at Fit Shuffle have designed a PAC comprising of various exercises that would closely approximate an entire circuit workout targeting the Upper body, Lower body, Core and Total body.

One of the important advantages of HIIT is its adaptability. Unlike other specialized workouts, HIIT can be tweaked to suit all diverse fitness levels and assist populations with special conditions including diabetes and overweight.

To accrue maximum metabolic benefits from a HIIT exercise, take care to spend enough time to perform 15 to 20 repetitions of an exercise. Longer rest intervals undermine the purpose of the HIIT exercise.

In Interval Grind PAC we are targeting to reach maximum exercise intensity in minimal time. To gain greater benefits of HIIT training, restrict your rest intervals to less than 30 seconds of rest or less. **

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Trainer Details

Name: Fairlane Vicente
Certification: Professional Trainer
Skills: HIIT Training, Functional Fitness

What is High intensity interval training

HIIT workouts burn more calories than traditional workouts. Interestingly, the burning-out effects of exercise continue long after the completion of a workout in a HIIT regimen.

The post exercise period (the two-hour period after a workout) is characterized by a physiologic effect called the EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

The “afterburn effect” or fat burning during EPOC is nothing but the number of calories the body burns after a workout as it rests and recovers from the stress placed on the body during exercise. During EPOC periods the body is restoring muscle glycogen and rebuilding muscle proteins to match pre-exercise levels and therefore consuming energy.

In addition to increasing the expenditure of calories after a workout, HIIT exercises are also considered time efficient as opposed to the moderate intensity continuous exercise regimens(MICT)such as dancing, swimming, cycling, hiking, etc.

So, if you are hard pressed for time, go for interval grind!

You can also do a HIIT workout utilizing weights!

Interval Grind

No special gym equipment is required

You Just need to bring yourself and your enthusiasm to train with this PAC.

However, fitness enthusiasts are encouraged to add dumbbells, leg weights, kettlebells to make your workout intensive.

Please check your fitness level and consult your physician before adopting any new fitness regimen.