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Sandbag Workout

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PAC Description

Sandbag workouts offer a threefold challenge to the practitioner. Lifting traditional weights, barbells for instance, is easier because they offer a symmetrical grip point. The first challenge in the sandbag workout is getting a good grip on the weight. The second challenge is tackling the shifting weight of the sandbag. The shifting weight of the sandbag works the core and stabilization muscles. The third challenge is for the athlete to find a balance between strength and stability.

Sand bag workouts are not for fitness novices. Sandbag workouts help one to transition to a fully developed athlete, but only after mastery of bodyweight exercises in proper form as well as other modes of strength training. Sign-up for Fit Shuffle’s Premium membership and get access to the Sandbag PAC for a challenging workout.

Sign-up for Fit Shuffle’s Premium membership and get access to the Sandbag PAC for a full-body down to the core workout.

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Trainer Details

Name: Thomas Wetzstein
Certification: Professional Trainer
Skills: Weight Lifting, Functional Fitness, Rucking

What is the purpose of Sandbag Training

Sandbag training is especially good for functional strength and conditioning.

Unlike other methods that require form and technique, sandbags are incredibly simple tools that can be used by almost anyone if one knows how to pick up a weight properly (straight back, core tight, knees tracking over your toes).

The key to effective sandbag training is to deal with the shifting weight of the sand itself.

During typical sets with other implements like kettlebells, one can get in a “groove” while lifting the weight, making the set easier as you start to flow.

The shifting nature of the weight within a sandbag however makes that fluidity of movement impossible; every lift is like the first rep of a set.

The need to constantly engage stabilizer muscles makes the workout more challenging.


Equipment Needed for this Training PAC

For strength training, you need a heavier sandbag and concentrate on lower rep sets. If you want to condition your body, get a lighter sandbag and increase reps and intensity.