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What is Fitness


“No Part of us can be completely healthy unless every part of us is.” – Making Life Easy (P.xi), Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Whether it is in my studio, Dallyon, or through my app Fit Shuffle I encourage people to look at fitness in a holistic manner. True fitness goals are beyond creating sculpted abs or strong biceps.

Fitness is about functional movements wherein, your body moves as a single unit. In your everyday life you use several muscle groups at once, therefore, the aim should be to improve coordination and neuro-muscular control.

Train how to move your body with ease, grace and strength. Practice these movements in your routine – squat, lunge, jump, push, pull, deadlift, and walk. Here are a few basic movements for the enthusiast:

1. Squats and glute bridges
2. Practice lunges with a chair/support until you are comfortable to do it free of support
3. Push ups (and variations if you have mastered the basic form)
4. Balance on each leg for 3 seconds until you can hop or knee lifts
5. Climb the stairs, add bicep curls to stair-climbing if you feel up to it
6. Jumping burpees

Nourish your body, mind and spirit. Be fit, be well.
– Ashley Parr, Taekwon-Do World Champion (2018)

Photo courtesy: Century